MBA Now Courses

The renowned UConn faculty is committed to offering a new set of MBA Now Courses which will focus on industry-driven, in-demand business topics each year.

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What are UConn MBA Now Courses?

Each year the UConn Online and Flex MBA programs will provide new, in-demand, industry-relevant courses centered on popular, on-trend, essential business topics. Students will dive deep with our world-class research faculty and bring the knowledge they gain in class directly back to their organizations. These courses are designed to set our students apart from their peers with practical skills applied before they even graduate from their MBA program.  These optional MBA Now Courses will be integrated into the existing MBA curriculum and will provide students the opportunity to learn about the newest trends in business, before they are even trends.

Who is eligible to register for MBA Now Courses?

All UConn Online MBA and FLEX MBA students are eligible to register.

Current MBA Now Courses

BLAW 5253 – Sustainability, Markets, and Society

Scheduled to run in Summer 2024
This course examines sustainability in the context of the natural and social ecosystems in which business operates. Students learn how the environmental and social impacts of business are affected by the interactions of firms with laws and legal institutions, markets, and society globally. Students gain experience assessing firm policies and practices and developing legally-astute and ethically-aware policies to achieve sustainability and to generate positive environmental and social outcomes.

BLAW 5894 – Revolutionary Technologies and the Social Responsibility of Business

Scheduled to run in Summer 2024
A number of rapidly evolving technologies are dramatically influencing how business operate. But what are the social responsibilities of business to society when a new technology is introduced? This course will explore the legal and ethical issues embedded in technological change from an organizational perspective. This course will prepare you to address legal and ethical issues in cutting-edge technology and the laws surrounding them in ways that can make a material difference for the success of your company in socially responsible and visionary ways.

MENT 5894 – Emotional Intelligence at Work

Scheduled to run in Winter 2024
Emotions are pervasive in organizations and everyday life and profoundly influence our decisions, relationships, and outcomes. In this course, we integrate theory and research in psychology, behavioral economics, and decision-making to more fully understand the characteristics and consequences of emotions in negotiations, organizations, and interpersonal interactions. In this process, the course will help you to develop your emotional intelligence and teach you how to harness the power of your emotions and those of others.

BADM 5894 – AI for Managers

Scheduled to run in Spring 2024
The primary objective of this course is to teach students a wide range of AI techniques and how they can be applied to the challenges and opportunities that firms face. AI techniques such as language models, image processing, and document classification are becoming prominent in firms' pricing models, sales forecasts, product creation, market analysis, and customer service. Since many executives today would like to consider adopting AI for their firms, but lack internal expertise in this relatively new field, this course emphasizes the viewpoint of a manager or consultant who must understand and offer advice on a wide range of AI topics relevant to a variety of business needs.

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