MBA Now Courses

The renowned UConn faculty is committed to offering a new set of MBA Now Courses which will focus on industry-driven, in-demand business topics each year.

What are UConn MBA Now Courses?

Each year the UConn Online and Flex MBA programs will provide new, in-demand, industry-relevant courses centered on popular, on-trend, essential business topics. Students will dive deep with our world-class research faculty and bring the knowledge they gain in class directly back to their organizations. These courses are designed to set our students apart from their peers with practical skills applied before they even graduate from their MBA program.  These optional MBA Now Courses will be integrated into the existing MBA curriculum and will provide students the opportunity to learn about the newest trends in business, before they are even trends.

Who is eligible to register for MBA Now Courses?

All UConn Online MBA and FLEX MBA students are eligible to register. The new MBA Now Courses will be available for registration for the Fall 2023 semester.

Which topic will the MBA Now Courses focus on for the 2023-2024 academic year?

SUSTAINABILITY AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT - These are the highest in-demand topics for business professionals today. Three of our most dynamic faculty -- Stephen Park, Jose Cruz, and Robert Bird -- have created a set of courses to engage our students in thought-provoking learning. These classes will prepare our students to not only be successful in business through sustainable decision making, but also apply those skills to the increasingly popular field of supply chain.

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