MBA Ambassadors

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UConn's MBA Student Ambassadors are either current students or recent graduates of the former Part-Time MBA program, which is now an option offered within our FLEX MBA program. Feel free to connect with one of our ambassadors to learn more about classes, student life, and the overall UConn MBA experience. They will try to respond to you as soon as possible, but please allow them a few days to get back to you. Also, please note that our MBA Ambassadors are not part of the admissions committee. Please direct your questions about admissions or financial awards to the UConn MBA Office at


Meet UConn's MBA Ambassadors below. Click on their name to view a brief introduction, including the wealth of experience they have brought to and gained from the UConn MBA program.

MBA Hartford

UConn MBA Student Ambassador Keno Hunter

Keno Hunter

UConn MBA Student Ambassador Macaro Fernando

Fernando Macaro

MBA Stamford

Part-Time MBA Student Ambassador Erica Chludzinski

Erica Chludzinski

UConn Part-Time MBA Ambassador James Enzogna

James Enzogna

Part Time MBA Program Ambassador Will Ferguson

Will Ferguson

UConn Part-Time MBA Ambassador Eesha Malick

Eesha Malick

Part-Time MBA Student Ambassador Rajesh Ponnurangam

Rajesh Ponnurangam

UConn Part-Time MBA Ambassador Natasha J. Robinson

Natasha Robinson

Part-Time MBA Student Ambassador Rajiv Tandon

Rajiv Tandon